How Did I Lose Weight in Just 7 Days

how to lose weight at home

We know it is not easy to get rid of extra and unwanted fat from our body. We do a lot of struggles to look smart and burn extra fats. Sometimes we join a gym and pay high fees which obviously put an extra financial burden on our pocket.  Otherwise, we choose to go for a walk, but because of our busy routine, sometimes it also gets so hard to manage time for long walks in order to lose weight. Well, there are some beneficial home remedies to lose weight.

The home remedies to lose weight are good substitutes for gym, jogging and any other hard exercise (but one should do light exercises on a daily basis as they keep you healthy and active). By trying new methods and diets, most people end up with nothing at all.  If you are also one of them who have tried all the tough plans but didn’t get any satisfactory result then don’t get upset. Because the home remedies to lose weight on our list will definitely give you the desired results. 

Our list involves simple remedies that are easily available at our home. So you don’t need to make extra budget for that and you don’t have to spend extra money.

1- Lemon water and Honey:

Lemon water and honey, are the two most common ingredients that we can find easily in our kitchen. These two ingredients play an important role in weight loss. So what you have to do? Simply make a glass of lemon water and add 2 teaspoons full of honey into it. Stir it until honey completely dissolve in it and now drink it.

Honey contains medicinal properties while lemon is good in detoxing the digestive systems. So these two ingredients together help your body to get rid of extra fats. You will observe the distinct difference in just weeks. This is no doubt the easiest and effective remedy.

2- Fenugreek Seeds, Carom Seeds, and Black Cumin Seeds:

Fenugreek Seeds, Carom Seeds, and Black Cumin Seeds are very effective home remedies to lose weight. Fenugreek seeds increase the metabolic rate of the body that is helpful in losing extra fat. Carom seeds also play a vital role in losing weight processes. Black cumin seeds are also a great remedy to get rid of extra fat, especially around the belly and can be helpful to reduce the overall weight.

It is very easy to use these remedies. Simply, you have to dry roast all the above-mentioned seeds together. With the help of a mortar and pestle, grind these seeds into a fine powder. Keep the powder into any jar or container. Add the powder into one glass of water and drink it. Follow this practice on a daily basis but only one glass each day. This is one of the most effective home remedies to lose weight and get rid of extra fats.

3- Cinnamon and Honey Infused Tea:

Cinnamon is a very common spice that we use regularly in different recipes and dishes. We use it in spicy as well as sweet dishes but we don’t know the benefits of this spice. Cinnamon is very effective in reducing weight. The spice has a tendency to curb the sugar cravings. It also has a tendency to regulate the level of insulin in our blood.

You can make cinnamon tea to reduce weight. That is very easy. Simply Warm up a glass of water and add two cinnamon sticks and a teaspoon of honey into it. Mix the solution well and strain it into a cup or glass. Drink the cinnamon and honey-infused tea every morning on an empty stomach. This is one of the best home remedies to lose weight and you will get satisfactory results at home.

4- Raw Garlic:

Garlic is easily available in our home’s kitchen and contains antiseptic properties. It is very helpful in reducing the extra fats. Chewing two or more cloves of garlic every morning gives you astonishing results when it comes to reducing weight.

The taste and smell of the garlic are pungent and it might be hard for you to chew it initially but try to make a habit of chewing it. Don’t forget to brush your teeth properly after chewing the raw garlic otherwise, the odor of raw garlic will remain inside your mouth for the whole day.

5- Avoid Artificial Sugar:

Try to avoid artificial sugar, if you want to get rid of extra fats and weight. The sugar present in fruits and vegetables is good for health but you need to restrict foods such as sweets, ice creams, aerated drinks and similar products that contain artificial sugar.

6- Drink water:

It must be amazing for you to know that drinking a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis is very helpful in weight loss. This is no doubt one of the very effective home remedies to lose weight. It has been observed that most people do not take enough amount of water on a daily basis and that is just because of the unawareness of benefits of drinking water. Normally, we drink water when we feel thirsty otherwise we don’t.

There is a very simple and easy way to know how much water your body needs. Weigh yourself and divide your weight with the number 30. The resulting amount shows the amount of water that is necessary for your body. Let’s suppose, your weigh is 65 Kgs, then divide 65 by 30 and as a result of that, you will get 2.16 number. Which shows that your body needs 2.16 liters on a daily basis.      

7- Use Yogurt:

Yogurt is considered to be one of the most beneficial home remedies to lose weight. You can make it at your home or can also purchase it from the market. Always try to consume unsweetened and unflavored yogurt, as it is more beneficial and healthy than any flavored yogurt. It contains properties of regular milk but without the excess fat. Eat yogurt on a daily basis. You can also mix it in salads. It increases the healthy gut bacteria growth, which is very important for regulating the digestion procedure.  

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