7 Amazing Health Benefits of Oranges

health benefits of oranges

The future is life and health is determined by what we eat, not what we think.  Over the years, the health-conscious society has been quick to learn and adapt to new more healthy lifestyles that prolong life today, with research and understanding. Health benefits of oranges present us in many ways today to ensure that we ‘eat well’ to remain healthy beyond the average population. 

Orange is the fruit of the future. Low in calories, it is full of nutrients, helping us lower our risk for many diseases and give us overall health. Orange trees are the most commonly found trees in the world, due to their natural sweetness and the many uses of the fruit itself- in making juices, marmalades and delicious recipes tantalizing our taste buds. 

Health Benefits of Oranges in our Lives

1- Orange is the Number 1 fruit for Skincare 

One of the main uses of oranges is in the skincare industry which is the billion-dollar industry worldwide, estimated to be the driving force in terms of exports of the fruit around the world’s richest economies. With over 170 different phytochemicals in this fruit, oranges are known for their strong ‘antioxidant effects’, highly useful to have the glowing skin that most people crave for being beautiful. And due to the great health benefits of oranges, people consume them more often to look more beautiful and attractive.

The antioxidant ‘Vitamin C’ helps fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reducing wrinkles and improving the texture of the skin.  Vitamin C forms ‘Collagen’- which is the basic support system of the skin and is highly recommended fruit by health and beauty experts worldwide. 

Oranges have a high content of citric acid which creates ‘skin exfoliation’ and helps to dry out acne. Orange peel has a higher content of Vitamin C than the orange itself, so grind orange peel and use as a body scrub on your skin, enhancing your beauty and face looks. 

2- Orange is the ‘Morning Fruit’ 

Health benefits of Oranges in our lives are greatly increased in the ‘Morning Hours’, as the body is in its most productive and relaxed state to consume the best fruit.  

Orange juice is nature’s way to make us look beautiful as they have low in calories and high in vitamin. An early morning glass of orange juice at the breakfast table is a clear sign of health and great physical looks and vitality

In a single orange, there is 130% Vitamin C, 2% Vitamin A and 6% Calcium. One medium orange contains approximately 80 calories, 250 milligrams of potassium, 14 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber and 1 gram of protein and it weighs around 154 grams. Oranges contribute to 4% of your daily low-calorie nutrition and make you look good. 

Due to high volumes of vitamin C, they boost up our immune system and are recommended fruit for the mornings.

3- Health Benefits of Oranges for Brain

Oranges contain thiamin, riboflavin, choline, and niacin-some very vital ingredients for the human nervous system or the ‘brain’, giving us tremendous health benefits. 

Choline is a very important nutrient found in oranges. It helps with our muscle movement, memory, our learning, and our sleep. It helps maintain the structure of our cellular membranes and aids the transmission of our nerve impulses tour brain. It also absorbs fat and reduces chronic inflammation in the body. Thiamin or Vitamin B-1 is another major ingredient found in oranges that contain brain-boosting ingredients and is a major lifesaver as it helps boost our nerve function-by reducing weakness and fatigue, anemia, depression and other health problems.

A highly recommended medicine by doctors with high amounts of thiamin is Neurobion – a medicine found to improve overall healthy life for patients with any or all kind of brain disorders or brain diseases, like Parkinson‘s disease or Alzheimer’s 

4- Orange Reduces Heart Risk and Cancer Risk 

A high intake of oranges reduces cardiovascular disease. Inside the orange, there are the health-promoting compounds known as ‘flavanones’ They protect us from high-risk heart conditions as they’re also thought to have some anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial benefits.

Higher intake of oranges has also been associated with low risk of prostate cancer, because of the presence of Zeaxanthin.

5- Oranges Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Research has proven that antioxidants found in oranges help in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol, as the continuous use of citrus fruits constitutes a healthy diet and reduce cardiovascular disease.  

This is mainly due to the compound called ‘Hesperidin’- found be highly good for blood pressure patients.  Oranges are a super source of phenolic compounds and Hesperidin- a citrus flavonoid that is one of the main antioxidants in oranges is associated with several health benefits, including lowering of blood pressure and is highly recommended in their diet. 

Oranges have a high intake of ‘potassium’ that can lower blood pressure in people who already have high levels. 

A Whole Orange or Orange Juice? (Health Benefits of Oranges)

There is a healthy debate going on around the world between what to have more.  Some say orange juice while others claim that whole orange or raw orange is a better choice. 

Orange juice is the most popular drink worldwide. Yet, it is important to know that orange in juice form is much lower in fiber.  One cup (240 ml) of pure orange juice has the same amount of natural sugar and is less filling than having 2 raw oranges. As a result of that, simply having a lot of orange juice can become excessive and lead to weight gain. 

Eating a whole orange is a better option than having lots of orange juice as it leads you to ensure a balanced diet and lesser weight gain. 

The ‘Orange Process’:  

Oranges go through a complete process, from the time they are plucked from the orchards to the time they are on your kitchen table. Oranges are produced in a multi-step controlled process before it becomes orange juice. 

Freshly picked oranges are at the peak of their season during winter. Once picked, oranges are washed and squeezed by a machine, where the pulp and oils in the orange are removed. The juice is then heat-pasteurized to inactive enzymes, which kills the microbes that may cause spoilage of quality. Then some of the oxygen in the juice is removed, to further reduce oxidative damage to vitamin C, during the storage process. 

The ‘pulp’ of the orange, originally removed is then added back to the juice to give it its wonderful aroma and flavor. The juice is then stored for over one year, before it is put into juice bottles and packaged into cartons, ready to be shipped around the world. 

Oranges Have Best Nutritional Value 

A good healthy orange has over 87 % water and 47 calories.  It has a good value of simple sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose making it is a fruit with high carbohydrates. These sugars give the orange its great taste and sweetness. 

Orange is a fiber-active fruit.  One large orange has 18% fiber, including pectin, cellulose, and lignin, making up 184 grams of fruit, per orange.  They usually are the best fruit to improve daily digestion and are recommended highly as part of the daily health care diet.

Amazing Health Benefits of Oranges

  1. High in Vitamin C – Excellent Source of Vitamin C
  2. Lower Cholesterol
  3. Prevent Skin Damage
  4. Lower The Risk of Cancer
  5. Controls Blood Sugar Level
  6. Improve Brain Capabilities
  7. Boost Immune System

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