11 Ways to Get Rid of A Headache Instantly

how to get rid of headache

How to Get Rid of a Headache? The vast majority of people deal with Headaches on a daily basis. It is a common condition that ranges from uncomfortable to unbearable. However, we can’t say that it is a dangerous health issue but it can disrupt your day to day life to a great extent. Those who are facing this issue know how difficult it is to carry out your daily tasks while your head is throbbing.

There are several types of headaches that exist which are correlated with stress, tension and a litany of existing medical conditions. However, tension headaches are the most common which happens to every second person. Some people suffer from cluster headaches while others from migraines. Cluster headaches are very painful as it happens in groups or in a form of clusters. On the other hand, the migraines are a moderate-to-severe type of headache. In this is Article, you’re going to know how to get rid of a headache instantly using a few effective Home Remedies.


There are many medications available in the market that are targeted at relieving headaches. Many of them are effective and give you relief immediately. However, some natural treatments also exist to give you relief from a headache with ease.

Do these several simple things and avoid a trip to a medical store. 

Drink Water:

Several studies have shown that severe dehydration can be an underlying cause of a common headache. Drinking water can help you to get rid of this type of headache.
You can also eat food that contains a high quantity of liquid, such as fruits, smoothies, or soups. These types of foods help you to stay hydrated. So, next time, before you search “how to get rid of headache” on google, make sure you are drinking enough water.

Try Magnesium:

Magnesium is considered to be a safe and effective remedy for headaches. Studies have proved that those who get frequent migraine headaches have magnesium deficiency compared to those who don’t. It is an important mineral which is very important for many functions in the body, such as blood sugar control and nerve transmission

Studies suggest that taking 600 mg of oral magnesium citrate per day can help you to reduce both the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep deprivation is the most common reason that leads to a headache. A normal person should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Getting too much or too little sleep or not sleeping can be the underlying cause of a headache in some people, as they have not rested their body properly.

Massaging Pressure Points

Everyone will tell you to do this if you ask them how to get rid of a headache. Because It’s 100% Working.

Try to massage your pressure point to get rid of a headache. To massage certain pressure points can help relieve tension in the head and reduce a headache. It has been noted that many people follow this practice in order to reduce a headache instantly. By rubbing the back of the neck or pinching the top of the nose, you can get relief when you feel stressed.

You can massage the temples, jaw, or neck to reduce a tension headache which comes from being too stressed.

Moreover, massaging some other areas such as the area between the eyebrows and the two spots at the base of the eyebrows on either side of the bridge of the nose can help you to get rid of common headaches. Try to massage the neck near the base of the skull, and it can also help you to release tension and reduce headaches. 

Try Caffeine:

Try caffeine. It can also help you to reduce the headaches. Drinking a beverage that contains caffeine, such as coffee, tea, or soda, may sometimes help ease a headache.
Some pain killers available in the market contain caffeine, as it can improve the effectiveness of medicine while treating a headache. Caffeine tends to relax your blood vessels, which as a result support circulation and ease tension. According to the Journal of Headache and PainTrusted Source, caffeine by itself can reduce symptoms of a tension headache.

Herbal Tea:

Herbal tea is also helpful to keep your body hydrated while it contains some compounds that can help you to get rid of headaches. For instance, ginger tea works actively to reduce migraines. According to one study that ginger powder works similarly to a common medication to reduce migraines. In a common headache, you can try a simple tea of warm water and ginger powder may reduce the symptoms. Some other herbs that can give you relief include peppermint, chamomile, and lavender.

Essential Oils:

Inhaling some essential oils can help you to get rid of the headaches. For example, inhaling lavender essential oil for 15 minutes can reduce the severity of headaches. The peppermint oil is also effective to get relief from a headache. When you apply the peppermint on your temples, a study says, that it will reduce the headaches. These oils have many therapeutic benefits.

Heating Pad Around Your Neck:

Warm up the neck by putting a heating pad around, or the warm cloth your neck. It will help you to ease a tension headache. 

Exercise and Yoga

How To Get Rid of a Headache? It must not sound too good to you to hit a gym with a pounding head but when you do exercise, it releases endorphins, which act as a natural pain killer. Moreover, it keeps your body healthy and promotes better circulation, which reduces the symptoms of a headache. Yoga is also effective in a headache. Simple stretching helps you get rid of a headache. To reduce the intensity and frequency of your headaches, you can simply try gentle neck rolls, jaw stretching, and stretching each ear toward the shoulder. 

Relax and Meditate:

Lying down in a dark room for 15 minutes is an effective headache treatment for migraine and tension headaches. It helps to stop a headache or a migraine. 

To reduce a headache, you have to sit in a quiet, dark room and close your eyes to relax for some time. “Patients with migraine should find out a dark, quiet environment in which they can easily get asleep for at least a few hours as good sleep eliminates the pain.

Cinnamon Paste:

Stop a headache with the help of cinnamon paste. For that, you simply have to grind some cinnamon sticks into a powder. Now add some water to it and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your forehead and temples. Relax and lie down for half an hour. Then with the help of Luke water, wash it off.

How To Get Rid of Headache: Home Remedies

These were the few methods that you can try at your home to get rid of headache Instantly. Includes: Drinking Water, Exercise, Meditation, Oil Massage, and Herbal Tea, etc. I hope this will be very helpful. Read Other Posts…

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