4 Ways to Remove Sun Tan without using Cream

How to remove suntan without using cream

Hey, What’s up, everybody. I hope everything is fine. Some people have been sending me emails for a long time. And they were asking me for the easiest way to remove sun tan at home. And then I’ve decided to write some words on it that how do I remove sun tan without using any Skincare kit or cream. Here, I’ve come up with the proven remedies these helped me to remove suntan. And I’m sure these are going to be very helpful for you too.

1. Curd and Honey

I think Curd and Honey are the most beneficial natural products on the planet earth. It’s my belief, not any scientific research. The reason I’m saying it, because of their great benefits for our skin and body. If you mix these two products and apply them on your face, it will not only remove tan from your skin but also will make it flawless and glowing.

Things To Do:

  1. Mix Honey and Curd Together
  2. Apply on face for 20 Minutes
  3. Wash your face with warm water.

2. Lemon Juice Massage

Another most favorite technique that I use to remove sun tan is “Lemon Juice Massage”. It’s recommended by most of the dermatologists because it really works. It’ll be a bit itchy and burning while applying and massage, but it will remove all of the impurities and suntan after just 5 minutes.

Things To Do:

  1. Take one juicy lemon and squeeze it well
  2. Remove seed from it and apply on your face
  3. Massage for five minutes and let it be on your face for at 10 minutes
  4. And then you can wash your face

3. Tomato and Baking Soda

I used this method a lot in my teenage. The country we are living in is very Sunny. Here no one is safe from the suntan. But this magical remedy always helped me to survive in such a place. I used to apply the mixture of Tomato and Baking Soda every day on my skin, and my skin at that time was glowing like a K-Pop Model. It’s very easy to do because both products are easily available.

Things To Do:

  1. Take one healthy tomato and mix it with one Table Spoon of Baking Soda
  2. Mix Both ingredients well and then use it as a scrub on your face
  3. Do this for at least 5 minutes and then wash your face with warm water

4. Aloe Vera Leaves

Aloe Vera Leaves is also one of the most recommended techniques and remedies that I am using to remove suntan at home. Do you know why I am talking about the Aloe vera leaves here? Because these are 100% natural. If you go buying it from the store, I think it won’t be as effective. So you must use the leaves, the natural ones. As know that I always believe in natural things, So I won’t ever recommend something which is being synthesized in laboratories.

How do I use it as Suntan Remover? Just take a leave from an Aloe Vera plant. Peel it and remove the hard part. Use the gel-like water on your face. Rub the leaves in a circular motion for ten minutes and then wash your face.

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