How To Be More Attractive To Women

How to be more attractive to women

If you want to know how to be more attractive to women then let me tell you that, in the first place, A Man’s words mean absolutely nothing to a woman when he first meets her. And this is for a very good reason. Women learned a long time ago that they should not trust men only in what they say. That is why words alone will not attract women to you. It’s where you come from that will really inspire the attraction.

Think about this; a man could say “hey, you’re cute and I just had to come here and meet you, my name is John” and get a very positive response, while another could say the exact same phrase and get a negative reaction. Why is this? Is it because of its appearance? no.

It is because the first man is in an extremely safe and comfortable state that provokes a positive response from the woman. On the other hand, the second type comes from an insecure state of “validate me”.

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How to be more attractive almost instantly

Sit right now Keep your back straight and roll your shoulders back. Smile. Do not you feel better? If you want to know how to be more attractive to women, you need to have more value in yourself than for her. This will make you the prize and she will work for your attention.

And remember … if you want to drive women crazy, you MUST master your body language. This will give you an unfair advantage over the MILLIONS of men who are completely CLUE with respect to their power!

Research has shown that 93% of communication is transmitted through body language. Most of the time, you’ve ruined your chances with a woman before you even have the chance to open your mouth!

You have to understand something. All the women will tell you that they want a nice guy. The problem is that it is not exactly what they want; they just think they want it. Actually, they do not even know what they want.

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1- Strong Person

Women want a strong man to fill them up like a queen. They are not attracted to good guys because good guys are too kind. Women always want the dominant male, the leader. So the first step to being more attractive to women is to increase their self-confidence and overcome their shyness!

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2- Be yourself with women

The big question is: how to act naturally and be yourself with women? That’s probably the most complicated part, and I want to talk a little about that! Many men begin to act strangely when they are near the girl they like. They make many compliments, and they get out of the skin to please her. Do not do that! You know why? Because that way you’re not acting naturally. When a girl comes to a date with you, she wants to meet you! She wants to see who you are and not what you are willing to do for her!

3- Attraction

Play a little hard to get it! It is very attractive it is very easy to do! First of all, you do not have to do everything for her, because that way she knows that she already has you and that it is boring. You must show him that he has to work a little for you, that you also have your own life! Do not call her 10 times a day, do not buy her gifts or flowers, you have to earn her!

Attracting women is not about how you look or how much money you have. We’ve all seen these cool guys with Ferrari dating the hottest girls in history. But the moment Ferrari and the money are gone, she will leave it! Because she had never liked it, she liked her money!

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4- Attitude

Your appearance and attitude play an important role in determining your dating group. Making simple wardrobe and grooming adjustments can make you look like a completely different person.

5- Improve your appearance

The way you dress and how you groom yourself is often considered a starting point for women. While women do not want someone who is completely hopeless in the wardrobe department, the way of dressing is often seen as an “easy solution”.


You can attract more attention from women if your clothes are in line with current trends, but more important than fashion is if your clothes are clean. While you may feel comfortable with torn and dirty jeans, it is a complete blackout and presents you as someone who is careless and does not care.


Something that many men do not give enough value is the condition of your shoes. Always remember that buying shoes are an exciting sport for most women, so they will be evaluating their shoes to judge him as a possible boyfriend.

Other notable on a woman’s checklist is a clean and pleasant haircut and the condition of her hands and nails.

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6- Lose some pounds

You can have the right attire and attitude, but you still have trouble attracting women if you are overweight. While your weight is usually secondary once you are in a committed relationship, it is more important when you are still dating. You do not have to be an Adonis to constantly exercise to improve your appearance.

If you still want to know how to be more attractive to women, you should keep in mind some points:

1. Women are much more demanding than you think. Take the time to look presentable and always smell good. It will be more likely that she stays in your company.

2. Pay attention to her. For some men this is easier said than done. You die for making a great impression by lyrically entrusting your achievements, and meanwhile she dies to run away. Ask him questions and know his interests and background.

3. Manners make man! Your grandmother was right. Women absolutely love knights. So do not forget to keep the door open for her and accompany her to her car.

4. Women love compliments. Tell him how good he looks and how interesting his life looks. Make sure you do not overdo it or you risk looking desperate.

5. Stay in the moment. Some men lose the lady because the nerves take over and the damage is lost. Stay relaxed and in the moment and just have fun. You’ll see much more manly too!

It takes a little effort, energy and time to impress her. However, with a little knowledge and advice, it could be destroying the competition out of the water!

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