The 10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down During an Argument

When we argue with our friends, parents or with the people of our circle, we get angry or our mind
heated sometimes. If the situation is not cover up properly then there create a great mess and

Here we talk about a few tips that make you calm and cool during an argument.

1- Trying to understand the point of view of the person, what he/ she really wants to say

In our society, most problems are created when we make our own or wrong understandings of other arguments. Try to figure out what the other person really wants to say. If someone really knew the real meaning of others point of view then it can b easy to get lost in the slew of curse or bad words, but stepping back and seeing the bigger picture might help you gain a better understanding of other person’s point of view. This thing will help you to show your response in a more reasonable manner instead of lashing back with bad and angry words of your own.

2- Make your voice slow and calmful

It is said that the volume of your voice can make all the differences in an argument. A psychologist said that “It is amazing how issues of hurt feelings or differences can be resolved with a whisper. So during the argumental situation, we should keep our voice slow and calm.

3- Body Language

Our body language or body posture can make a huge difference in an argument. Maintenance of our body
language plays an important role in the strengthening of our argument. Avoid showing aggressive body language as crossing your arms, balling your fists, or tapping your feet. Peaceful body language can end up offending the other person.

4- Deep Breathing

It is sure that deep breathing has the ability to calm you down. Try to breathe slowly and deeply during
an argument. It is well. Breathing slowly and mindfully activates the glands of your brain and
trigger a relaxation response in the body.”

5- Exit an argument earlier then you think you need to

You know yourself and your body better than anyone else, so once you feel tense up and your
thoughts start to boil walk away. A famous leader of web-based relationship program advises that even when your anger is at a level three on a scale of 1 to 10, by the time you are past a 4, leaving an argument will become increasingly difficult. By that time you’ll be worked up that you need to prove your point of view, this will make you save your remaining calm.

6- Think about peaceful and funny things

When you feel that your argumental situation is out of control, think about the things and moments that
make you laugh out loud or something that will make you peaceful. So you should close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach, that will bring your mind a break from angry sensation and make your body in rest and calmness.

7- Avoid discussing multiple issues during the argument

Focus on only one issue or your brain will go in overload mode. It is saying that” Bringing up issues from the past to use a hammer”never turns up well. Deal with one issue at a time. Angrily discussing multiple different issues at once will certainly increase the chances of losing your cool.

8- Be mindful

Being mindful of your voice, tone or your way of talking will help emotions at bay and make you better
able to communicate in thoughtful manners.

9- Take some space

If you find yourself getting heated, it might be best to get some fresh air, take a walk, sit in a different room by yourself for a few minutes to an hour. By taking a pause checking within yourself, you will embrace a peaceful mind.

10- Have a safe word

Use the safe words during your arguments as sorry, thank you or please that make the situation peaceful, calm and under your control. By using safe words we are able to take a moment to realize how much we love and take care of each other.

It can b hard to think of all these brain calming techniques in the midst of a heated
argument. But practice makes perfect. If you end up boiling over in an argument, try to reflect on it afterward and think about what times you could’ve used one of these tips to remain calm.

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