How To Dress For Your Body Type (Men’s Style Guide)

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Dressing well is a form of good manner and how to dress for your body type is something that needs to be known by every Alpha Male, if he wants to be more attractive to women. As time passes, changes occur in your body, sometimes you lose weight and sometimes you gain weight. That’s why you should always go with your body type not for the current fashion or a trend unless it looks good on you. Choosing perfect clothes with the Best Color Combinations, shapes and size make you more handsome and attractive.

How To Dress for Your Body Type

It is one of the most confusing and the most googled question by everyone how to dress for your body type. And it should be. The dressing is the first thing that every man needs to be worried about. Other things like Skin Care Routine, Hairstyle, Best Cologne and deodorants are also very important.

Proper dressing can shine your personality and can make you look prominent in a circle of many people so if you are tired of searching “how to dress for your body type” then you are at the right place. According to an investigation, modern man in the UK is defined by five distinct body shapes.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Men’s Body Shapes:

  • Rhomboid
  • Rectangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Triangle
  • Oval

1- Inverted Triangle Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Type

It is said that a man with an inverted triangle body shape can do any kind of fashion. His wide shoulders and narrow hips make him look attractive. The man with such shape has well-developed shoulders, chest muscles, and arms. They have more muscles at the top half of their body as compare to their lower half. In Simple words, they can easily make any girl fall in love.

What to wear: In order to show off your fit body you need to wear the fitting shirts that make your body prominent. Fitting T-shirts or V-neck T-shirts with trouser or jeans are enough to make you look more attractive and appealing. So if you have an inverted triangle body shape then consider yourself lucky and try to wear more and more fitting shirts. Remember that loose T-shirts may look bad on you as it will hide your beautiful body shape.

2- Oval Shape Body Type

Men with such type of body shape have small chests and hips while the center part of their body is much bigger. Fitting a shirt on such body shape will look totally awful. So always wear such shirts that make you look slimmer and handsome. Otherwise, it’ll become difficult for you to get a girlfriend.

What to wear: Avoid wearing fitting shirts as it will show your big tummy. Go for a wider collar spread that works well for broad men. Moreover, the belt of your trousers or pants should be loose as no wrinkles should be seen. Always avoid wearing tight-fitting shirts that will entirely drag your personality and your big tummy will be seen clearly.

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3- Rectangle Shape Body Type

Men with such body shape look slim from head to toe and your chest, waist, and hips looks the same size. As your shoulders, chest, and hips are of the same width so you need to be dressed up in a way that your chest looks little wide.

What to wear: Always go for wide and dark color jeans as the dark color make your legs look slimmer that automatically will broaden your chest. Moreover, by wearing a layered T-shirt or a shirt will broaden your upper part of the body and will chest will look wide. Wide collar shirts also show wider shoulders that will be also a good option for you. In winter long and open jackets will be best for you. This little trick can make you more attractive to women.

4- Triangle Shape Body Type

You have a thin athletic look and a well-conditioned chest then You have a Triangular or Triangle molded body. Finding the correct fit might be a test for you as most men’s attire is planned with more extensive top and smaller midriff. The key though will be to cause your body to seem proportionate and making offset with your garments.

What to wear: Wear checked jackets and fitted petticoats with strong pants. The blend of prints and strong hues will make the dream of shape and remove the concentration from the bigger midriff. Examples and itemizing over the chest and shoulders help to expand the tight upper middle. Wear jumpers and team neck tees with shading boards over the chest however a thinning darker shading like dim, naval force or dark around the midriff.

5- Rhomboid shaped body type

Many people confuse the Rhombod body shape with a Rectangle body shape but they are two different shapes. A man with a Rhomboid body type that is also known as Trapezoid body shape has broad shoulders, a wide chest, and a narrow waist. This kind of body shape is considered as perfect body shape and is one of the most desirable shapes for men on which every cloth looks elegant and good.

What to wear: well-stitched jeans will look perfect on such body shape without the support of any belt. As your hips are narrow so try to wear bit loose jeans so that your hips don’t look slimmer so say no to tight trousers and jeans. For perfect dressing wear dark color jeans or trousers with light color shirts or T-shirts. As you have a perfect body shape so you can wear any kind of shirts just keep it a little light from your jeans’ color.

Conclusion: How To Dress For Your Body Type

No matter how perfect your body shape is always to choose the best tailor for a perfect fitting as without a perfect fitting nothing can look good on you and one should never compromise on their dressing as it tells a lot about your personality. For a perfect dressing you need to be aware of your body shape then you can go for perfect dressing. I hope this article will surely help you answer the questions Regarding how to dress for your body type, what to wear and what must be avoided.

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