How To Look Handsome And Attractive

Are you a man who is looking for some tips and advice on how to look handsome and attractive. Then you are in the right place. AlphaMaleStuff provides you detailed information on how to be more attractive as a man. And we try our best to give you the right knowledge about a specific topic that every man needs to know, to make himself better than before.

Being a Man, It’s not such a big problem to look attractive and handsome as compared to girls. Girls have to do a lot of things and makeups to show themselves as a beauty queen. But in the case of boys, they do not need to try so hard. By doing a few little things, a stylish hairstyle, well-groomed facial hairs, and nice dress, they can grab the attention of everyone and can make any girl crazy for them.

Things That Every Man Should Know

That’s why we want to tell you about those things that are very important for men to look more attractive, and every man should know them. Here in this article, we will talk about the things to improve your physical appearance and personality traits which will make you an alpha male, With whom every girl wants to go on date.

Facial Care:

The first thing that a man should take care of, is his FACE. Mostly Men do not care about their face and not use the right products. But facial care is very crucial if you want to look more handsome and attractive. When we meet someone, the first thing that they notice is our FACE. If they do not like our face or how we look like, they won’t even like to talk to us again.

Face Care included these things:

  • Teeth
  • Skin
  • Facial Hair
  • Hair Style

Teeth :

Smiling makes you more attractive. But what if your smile becomes the enemy of your beauty and attractiveness. You should take care of your teeth as whenever you smile, the brightness of your teeth illuminate the face of the person you are talking to.

So what you can do to white you teeth

  • Brush Two Times a Day. One on the morning when you wake up, and one on the night when you go for sleep.
  • You can brush with baking soda and charcoal if stains are too stubborn.
  • Avoid Foods and Drinks that cause discoloration of Teeth

Skin :

Your skin plays a very important role in your physical appearance. Unhealthy skin can be the biggest obstacle in the way of becoming more handsome and attractive. So following a skin care routine is also a very necessary part of achieving attractiveness. Men’s skin care routine is pretty simple and straight. They do not need to apply the layers of creams. A few simple day and night face wash can do magic.

What You Can Do to get Healthy, Glowing and Flawless Skin

  • Clean Your Face Twice a day with a mild cleanser best for your skin type
  • Apply Moisturizer after washing your Face
  • Apply sunscreen if you are going under the sun for an extended period of time (30 minutes)
  • Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Week. That’s It !!


Facial Hair:

A man with facial hair looks more strong and dominant than a shaved little boy. So if you have a full beard then you can go for beard styling to make it more attractive. But if your beard is still patchy then shave it until it gets full volume.

Things You can do to keep your Beard Attractive

  • Trim the Extra Hair on your cheeks and give it a square shape
  • Clean your Lower neck and grow thick on the chin
  • Comb your beard whenever you wash your face

Hair Style :

When it comes to style your hair, men care a lot about it. And they should. Because Hairs make the biggest part of your face and physical appearance. A Good hairstyle according to your face shape can make you more attractive and Hot in front of girls. And it also gives you more confidence in your self.

Tips for Hair Styling

  • Choose a Hairstyle that suits your face shape and personality
  • Apply some Essential oils once a week for healthy hairs
  • Comb Your Hair properly and do not apply too much hair products or you will lose your hair in no time
  • Use Hair Wax and Hair Sprays To Style Your Hairs

Dressing :

There are many rules for dressing well. Every rule is specific for a certain person, body shape and personality. If you are a calm and peaceful boy then 6 color clothes will look weird on you. You should always wear proper clothes that suit your personality. And you must have sense, which clothes are good for what event. You can’t wear casual if you are going for a job interview. Or have you ever seen someone playing basketball with a black tuxedo?

Buy shirts and pants of right color combination. Do not waste your money in buying worthless clothes. Buy with the mind, not with money. Spend some bucks buying essential accessories.

Spend Money on Shoes:

Buy Yourself Some Quality shoes. Your Shoes tells a lot about your personality. You can’t go out wearing bathroom shoes. Choose the right material.

  • Leather Soles – Dress Shoes
  • Exotic Leather- For Social Wear Only
  • Synthetic or Rubber Upper – For Athletes

Black and Dark Brown Shoes are Business while Light brown and Two-Tone are for casual wear. The right combination of color, material, and style gives you a very specific shopping target.

Be Confident:

Confidence means accepting yourself for what you are, believing in yourself and feeling comfortable with yourself, your look, qualities, and flaws. No one is going to accept you if you do not accept yourself. And Confidence always comes from accepting yourself completely. Confidence Makes you More attractive and helps you to connect with people in a better way.

Things You can Do to Look More Confident

  • Always have a smile on your face.
  • Walk with Up Head and Broad Shoulders and take some space.
  • Love Yourself, Your physical appearance, your status, your financial state and always be grateful.
  • Set Some Goals And Achieve Them, It will make you feel more valuable and worthy.

How To Look Handsome And Attractive

  • Take Care of Your Face
  • Dress Well
  • Be Confident

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