How To Look Handsome And Attractive – 7 Unbelievable HACKS

How To Look Handsome And Attractive

How to Look Handsome and Attractive. If you are a boy then It really does not matter what your complexion and body shape is. By changing a few little things and taking care of you properly, you can also be a guy girls will die to have a relationship with. Here are the 7 things that can help you on how to look handsome and attractive even if you don’t feel good about yourself.

1. Face Care Routine

Face is the first part of human body that we notice while talking someone. Believe it or not, but this is the reality that we try judge someone by their face. So taking care of your face should be your first priority if you want to be handsome and attractive.

Follow a proper face care routine to keep your face glowing and fresh all the time.

  • Use Foaming Men’s Facewash
  • Clean your face twice a day
  • Avoid touching your face
  • CTM (Cleansing , Toning and Moisturize)

2. Diet and Nutrition

After Facial care routine, the second most important thing is diet and nutrition. The more healthy and strong a man is, the more handsome and attractive he will be. Have your meal on time and consume more fruits and vegetables.

  • One Glass of Orange or Beat Root Juice in Morning
  • 2 Eggs and a Glass of Milk at Night
  • Avoid smoking and drinking

3. Exercise

Exercise should also be in your daily routine if you want to look more handsome and attractive. I’ll recommend you to wake at 5 am, do meditation and then go for a run about 4 to 5 km. You can also join Gym. But morning walk and exercise is best.

4. Haircut

As I have already told you that the face is the first thing that we usually notice and your hairstyle tells a lot about you. Having a stylish haircut will have a major effect in enhancing you physical appearance. Untidy hair make you look ugly and unattractive to others.

  • Google what haircut suits your face shape
  • Use Tools and products to style your hair
  • Apply organic oils and remedies to keep your hair healthy

5. Teeth

No one will like to hangout with a person who has gold glittering teeth and stinky mouth. Now you realize why our parents were forcing us to brush our teeth properly. But at that time we were not giving it much attention.

Brush your teeth properly. If it’s not working then use some whitening tools or visit the dentist.

6. Dress

A Good Dressing sense is also very important for a man to look handsome and attractive. You must have proper knowledge and sense about men’s fashion and trendy outfits.

  • Use Internet to find out right color combinations
  • You can also take a female friend of yours for shopping ( They are more concerned about fashions than men)

7. Confidence

Confidence is the key to look more handsome even if you don’t fit the so called attractiveness scale. If you are feeling good about yourself then you’ll naturally portray yourself the way that other people will find attractive. So walk like “You are the king” and talk confidently. It will urge people to build a connection with you.

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