How To Approach A Girl You Love

How to approach a girl you love

Love is an act of doing to others what you would want them to do to you. But the truth is that you may not get the exact answer you really want from a girl if you do not know how to do it. There is no doubt that you need to know how to tell a girl that you love her. Some words are magical and can make a girl recover in a short time if you know how to use them well.

Approaching women can make you feel anxious. Knowing that a wrong approach can destroy a possible relationship before it begins can increase the anxiety one experiences during this time. It can be hard to find the right first line, keep calm when you express it and sound confident without appearing cocky.

If you want to approach a lady, here are some actions you can take.

Stop fearing being rejected

Keep this fear from ruining your chances before you even try. Women rarely respond by getting angry, being rude or acting offended when you approach them. You are doing something that is flattering when you approach them and will probably give a neutral and positive response.

Start a conversation by asking a question

If you are in a bar or club and a woman catches your attention, asking a random and casual question is an excellent way to start the conversation. As an example, you can ask what time it is or what the brand of the drink you ordered is. If it shows no signs of wanting to keep the conversation after your initial question, it’s not a problem. You can talk to another girl with your ego intact.

Of course, we want our love to be reciprocated. I would call someone if she tells me she does not care if after saying those three magic words she will get an “I’m sorry” speech instead of the sweetest four-word statement: “I love you too.” When we say that I love you with someone, we hope that you will return the love. So, how can we make it happen? How can we make our love lady correspond to our love? Or How to tell a girl that you love her and that they give you back an “I love you”? How to approach a girl you love?

The simple and fast approach

Just say it bluntly. Screw the correct timing and the correct place to say it. Look her in the eyes and tell her. There are no roses, no chocolates, nothing. Sometimes, girls tend to simply “go with the flow” when they are caught by surprise. When they are taken by surprise, they tend to try it. Just say it as sincerely as possible.

Then, you can continue with an “I do not need your answer at this time, just let me love you”. Talk and just do your thing later. Remember to back your magic with three words with sufficient and reliable love actions. You see, words fade easily if your actions convey the opposite. How can you say that you love her if you still take it for granted here?

The slow but great approach

Well, you basically have an idea of ​​how this works. As in the teaching of language, we have deductive and inductive approaches. This is the deductive approach. You give theories, rules and examples before proceeding to practice the language.

With this approach, you start slowly. You show your girl that you care and water it with things, big or small. You take her to the movies and make sure she is safe at home. And personally deliver your coffee in your rest. Then, a good afternoon, at a very romantic dinner, you give her a bouquet of red roses and tell her, you love her.

Five of those words will be mentioned here; Just follow them very well and you will see that your desire is transmitted to any girl you want.

Plan before moving

There is no doubt that you get good results when you plan any problem in advance. Think of the right time and the right place to tell him you love before you take the step. This will serve as a guide for you and will make you precise in the choice of words.

I appreciate it

No matter how urgent it is that you think it is necessary to tell a girl that you love her, you must first appreciate her for everything she has done to maintain the relationship. Show him congratulating her and tell her how much you value her relationship with her. This will make your mind rest and make you listen with great attention.

Invite her to dinner

There are good places to tell a girl that you love her. One of those places is a good restaurant or club. Find a good club and take it to dinner, and then you can express your love by candlelight and sweet music. Make sure you choose a good disguise for the exit. This gives a girl a good sense of belonging and makes her feel that you put her in your thinking.

Be romantic

No matter how much you want to spill your heart when you tell a girl that you love her, it’s always good to be romantic in your approaches. You can start by asking him to close his eyes before saying it. This will increase your expectations since you do not know what you want to say. Then you can say it in a soft and romantic way that will make her shed tears of love. This aspect is very essential; it makes a girl hit you forever.

Make it a habit

Once you have managed to tell her the first time you love her, make her your usual habit. Please, you may not have to use the word “I love you” every time. But you can use other appreciative words that will always wake her up and make her feel good all the time. Make sure she gets used to this that she will always ask for it, even when you have not said them. This will help your psychology about you and you will always be grateful.

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